This, That, and Everything in Between- August 2017

September is here which means

a it is time to share what we were up to all of August. 

Travis was busy with a long training session on post most of the month but we still managed to have some fun times and big moments! 
The month started with daddy switching out our swing to one of these round net swings and it has turned out to be the best purchase of the summer. The girls love this swing and were outside on it practically all month long. 
Travis and I got away with some friends for a double date night before his training began and his long days started. It was a super fun time just hanging out with friends enjoying dinner in a small little marina. 
We got to celebrate our friend’s third birthday at her fun fairy garden party. The girls had a blast and slept well after all the festivities! 
My garden showed off some gorgeous blooms that I had planted early in the year. Love the color they added to the garden! 
Miss P has finally figured out the proper way to hold our kitties and now holds Miss Poppy as much as she can. And Miss Poppy tolerates it as well as she can. lol
Big news… Miss S has conquered wearing panties to bed! Yahooo!! She has never had a single accident at night (hopefully I didn’t jinx ourselves) but she has done amazing! When this girl puts her mind to something she goes all in! 
The girls and I were out running errands one weekend and stopped in at Michael’s to do a little rock painting. We all had fun getting creative! 
Miss S officially got registered for preschool. She was so excited to go take all of her supplies at registration night.
Travis sent the girls and I this beautiful bouquet of flowers to thank us for understanding his crazy training schedule. It was a rough month! 
When Travis finally got to come home early after his training was complete, the girls were beyond excited he was home before bed time and they could spend time with him! It was a rough month of super late nights.
We’ve had some beautiful sunsets in our area lately such as this one where the sky was super orange! 
We made some homemade slime and the girls loved it! They played with it so much for so many days in a row it started getting hard and we already had to make a new batch.
The girls have loved riding their bikes lately which is fabulous! 
We bought P a new bike in the spring and she fell off it once and hasn’t wanted to ride it since but we finally got her back on it when we went camping last month and she has been all about it since. We also got Miss S to finally ride P’s old bike and she is enjoying that as well. 
The end of the month had Miss P finally having her kindergarten registration. Holy cow you guys! She looks so little in her school! 
Miss S had her first day of preschool and she did fabulously! She wanted to go so bad and could have cared less at saying goodbye to us. She only goes 2 days a week for a few hours but she is always so excited to attend which I love! 
We ended the month by attending our town’s last music in the park event to cross it off our summer bucket list. The girls loved dancing to the music.
A few other things:
-We didn’t get to the full eclipse but still enjoyed watching it on tv and we made a pin hole box so we could see it at our house.
-As I stated, Travis had 3 weeks of long training days. Early days, some over night nights, but we all survived.
-The weather was fall like all month long so the girls were outside the majority of the time and it was fabulous!
 It is only a few days into September and we’ve already had a ton of family fun so stayed tuned for this month’s recap in October!

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