This, That, and Everything in Between

Happy Wednesday! 
 Hope your week is going swimmingly and that the first few days have May have been nice to you. 
I’ve decided to do a little something new on the blog. I originally started this blog as a family blog and once I switched it over to a craft blog I still threw in our military and family adventures but I have definitely slacked off in that department as of late. 
So I have decided that the first Wednesday of every month will be a recap post of the activities going on in our little bit of the world. I’m sure it all won’t be too exciting but I want to bring back that little piece of the blog once more. And if you’ve been with me for quite a few years, especially through both my pregnancies, thought it would be fun for you as well to watch the girls grow, and not just birthday posts which I’ve slacked on as well.
Since it is already May, this month will be little bits of recaps of a couple months.
Going way back for a quick second.
I realized I never introduced the newest member of our little family that joined us back in November.  
 Meet Poppy! 
Our cute, new, one year old kitty! 
After Oscar passed away last January, Patton was showing some major signs of loneliness and the girls and I finally convinced Travis to get another kitty as a new pal for him. 
It took them some time to get used to each other but I’m so happy to see Patton up and active once again and she fits right into the family. She loves Travis just like Oscar did so it was the perfect match! 
Travis and I celebrated our 10 yr wedding anniversary on January 6th. 
I still can’t believe we’ve been married that long and still love being around each other as much as we do, lol. 
He spoiled me, like he normally does on our anniversary, and came home with a giant bouquet of flowers. 5 types of flowers- one for each state we’ve lived in and then 10 of each type of flower for our 10 yrs married. 
Then that night, after I took Miss S to her first gymnastics class, Travis set up a little romantic evening on the porch after the girls went to bed with candles, a heater because it was only 0 degrees on the porch- lol, and then he pulled out our wedding champagne flutes to toast to us.
I’m lucky to have this handsome guy! 

Also, on the morning of our anniversary, Travis became a Commander once again so we are on that journey once again.

I also started a new side job as well as a Social Artworking consultant. 
I have always loved painting so when I found that I could start my own business by doing painting parties (think going to Painting with the Twist but in the privacy of your home with your friends or family) I talked to Travis and decided it would be something fun for me to do. Plus, it gives me that much needed adult time doing something that I love. I have had a few parties then a few work shops at our house and am enjoying it so far!

 Travis was nominated by his previous Commander for a Military Hero Red Cross Award and he was chosen for the state of WI. 
The Red Cross had a large award ceremony about an hour away in a large hotel/casino and we were given a hotel room for the night along with some casino credits so it was a fun night away from the girls where we were able to get all dressed up, eat a yummy meal, watch a concert, gamble a little (and walk away winners!) and honor great people for their volunteer acts and great deeds that they’ve done. 
Since Miss P is in pre-k this year she was able to go to the Daddy Daughter Dance that the high school puts on every year. 
It was so fun letting her pick out her own dress, she wanted daddy to wear his uniform, and then prepping her for their big date! I felt like she was going to prom! 
And daddy is prepping her to show her what she needs to look for in a man some day. He bought her a tiny corsage, let her pick where she wanted to eat for dinner and went there ahead of time with nice plates, a flower and a vase, a small candle, and a table cloth so it would all be set up when they got there and super special.
They had a blast and she still talks about her date with daddy and what they did that night. 🙂 
We also started a few house projects this month. One I have shared, the stair risers, and the other major project is our massive basement laundry/storage room! We have painted all the walls and the ceiling but need to finish the floors and get everything set back up. Hopefully we can finish it at the end of this month and share soon! 🙂 
April has been a super busy month for us, like crazy! 
Travis and I began the month by a week long get away to Punta Cana, Dominican Republic to celebrate our 10 yr anniversary. 
It was so glorious to get away together to paradise sans kiddos (thanks to my parents for coming to stay with the girls!)! 
I’ll get more into detail about our trip and share more photos in another post. 
We got home from our trip one day before Easter so then Easter prep was in full swing.
It is so fun watching the girls grow and get more into egg hunts and have a blast. 
It was also so nice to celebrate Easter with my parents this year since it is a rare occurrence for us!
Only 3 days after Easter I was off again to Salt Lake City for SNAP 2017.
I always have a blast seeing blog pals and learning new things. 
Hopefully, my mojo will officially come back now because I do have some good ideas! 🙂 
While I was away at SNAP, it was Miss S’s turn to go to a Daddy Daughter Dance with daddy! 
She was so upset she couldn’t go with Miss P but luckily there was one on Fort McCoy so she got to have her turn as well. 
She got to pick out her own dress just like Miss P and then Travis did everything for Miss S as he did for Miss P- corsage, fancy dinner and dessert, and get daddy daughter fun! 
I was so sad I missed it and made my parents and Travis takes lots of pictures and send them to me so I could see it all. 
And Miss S loved every second just like Miss P! So thankful Travis is able to have these sweet memories with the girls. 
And just to share a real life photo with you guys… here is my junk craft room. 
The messiest room in the house, I think our basement is even better than this even though everything is out of place because of painting! 
This is one of the reason I have struggled making and sharing crafts with all of you! 
This has turned into the catch all room especially if people are coming over. Things get thrown in here since the door stays closed and then who knows when it will ever find its proper home. 
There is stuff everywhere! 
My suitcase full of swag from SNAP in the middle of the floor. Crap on top of every surface. Bags of new supplies in corners here and there. 
UGH! I need to get in there and organize desperately but every time I attempt, I get overwhelmed and give up! I definitely need to commit to doing it, take everything out, and slowly being it back in. I haven’t even shared this room with you guys yet because it has pretty much been a disaster since we moved in!!! 🙁
I will get to it soon! I WILL!!
Well, that is it for now! 
A quick recap of the past couple months. 
I know more has happened but those were the high points. 
See you next month for the May recap! 🙂


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