This, That, and Everything in Between, March 2018

Hi everyone! 
I hope you all had a lovely Easter and start to April. 
I am a little late on sharing this recap post this month. It was suppose to be last Wednesday but I totally lost track of the week because Miss P was finishing up spring break at the beginning of last week. BUT I am here today to share with you what we were up to last month. 

We were out and about at the beginning of the month on the hunt for dresses for the girls to wear to the upcoming daddy/daughter dance and while we at Target they just had to get their picture taken on this bench with the Target dog. 
We got dumped on with snow at the beginning of the month. It took forever to melt and then guess what?! We got dumped on again! BLAH! 
I have still been messing around with my little watercolor painting with stamps and then just playing around in general. I was wanting to try to be creative for at least 30 mins a day but that hasn’t quite happened so just whenever I get the time, I sit down and play.
The daddy/daughter dance was a much anticipated event in our house this month! The girls were able to attend together this year and they were counting down the days! Daddy bought them floral crowns to wear this year instead of corsages and they loved them. 
They both had a super fun time out with daddy!
I quickly made the girls some St. Patrick’s Day shirts this year. Like my normal shirts, it was a total last minute decision but luckily the girls loved wearing them. 
Miss P had her first ever school music program mid month. She was excited but a little nervous too. Plus, we got a little surprise when she came out to play the rhythm sticks during one of the songs. No wonder she was nervous! haha
Travis had his Change of Command from his latest command as HHC Commander.
And the same evening of Travis’s Change of Command, was movie night at Miss P’s school.
So we went there for the night for dinner and a movie.
Mid month we drove over to Wabasha, MN to their yearly Eagle/bird event that they do in March and the National Eagle center. 
We started our afternoon at a bird show seeing all sorts of birds and watching them fly right above our heads. It was a really fun experience!
We then got to check out some of the eagles that take up residency at the center up close and personal, which was totally incredible! 
The girls even got to part take in a little arts and crafts before we headed for lunch.
On our drive back we stopped at a fun park right on the water for a little fun before stopping in downtown Winona, MN for a little ice cream snack. 
The girls had their first real haircuts this month too! I have trimmed their hair in the past but new it was time to actually have a professional do it so I made an appointment with my hair girl and we were ready to go. P got just a trim while Miss S got this super adorable bob. 
Plus, for a little extra fun, we let them pick one color to put in their hair so Miss S went with pink and Miss P went with bright blue for a fun little streak.
We had leftover face crayons from Miss S’s birthday party and they girls wanted to have a little fun with them. They went a little crazy on Travis’s face but told them they couldn’t go quite so crazy on mine. Then I drew a couple things on their faces because, they can’t have all the fun! 
Right before Easter we went out to a local farm/nursery in a neighboring town for a little egg hunt fun. Well, it was super crowded and was over in no time but thankfully the girls managed to grab a couple eggs.
And lastly, we ended our month with dying our Easter eggs. We opted to try the shaving cream method this year and it was super easy and fast and the eggs turned out great! 
The girls loved studying the eggs to see what they looked like after I cleaned all the shaving cream and dye off. 
-We officially got word that we will in fact be moving this summer to Fort Leavenworth, KS. 
We weren’t expecting it after finding out other information so we thought we wouldn’t be moving until the end of the year so we had to quickly change our frame of minds and get ready to put our house on the market. 
So guess what I have been doing? Decluttering, doing that stupid small projects that should have been done already, and cleaning. Yay! I’m just ready to hurry and get our house on the market. We’ve been told that it should go quickly so fingers crossed it does! 
I THINK that’s all! 
Stay tuned for more adventures next month!

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