This, That, and Everything in Between- November 2017

November is here, which is so totally crazy! 
 Today, Miss S is officially four years old! I can’t believe that either and it is so wide to me! 
But I’ll get more into that in my December recap post as today’s post is all about our October activities. 
The month started with our kitties feeling extra snuggly and really wanted to be with us a lot. 
I had celebrated a birthday on the 4th and just had a small low key day with my family.
We had a pretty weekend and took a family trip to the pumpkin patch for a fun afternoon. We always love an afternoon at our favorite pumpkin patch. 
Travis had a long weekend and we changed Miss S to full day school two days a week so so we took advantage of his day off with two kiddos in school and had a date day driving all around South Western WI seeing the sights and then drove up the road parallel to the Mississippi River. It was a pretty drive with great company.
We had a pot luck at our house for Travis’s work and someone brought this little baby and the girls were in absolute heaven getting to hold her. 
When we have actually had sun, we’ve had some super pretty sunsets! 
I tagged along with Miss P while she had her very first field trip. It was to the pumpkin patch and although she had a blast, I think her favorite part was riding the bus to and from school. lol
I hosted a painting party at my house teaching some fabulous ladies how to paint a stacked pumpkin painting. 
The girls sported their super cute Halloween dresses that my sister gave them. They were so excited and everyone loved them! 
I finally got my porch all decorated the week before Halloween for fall. It took me forever to get it all put together and then I messed around with it for so long before I was finally happy but I like how it turned out in the end.
After a month or so of having a loose tooth, Miss P FINALLY lost her first tooth! 
She actually pulled it herself while we were out to eat at a restaurant. She cried a little but was a tough cookie and oh so excited! Then two days later she lost her second tooth while she was wrestling on the couch with Miss S! 
The tooth fairy is going to go broke at this rate! lol
The weekend before Halloween we got around to finally decorating our pumpkins. The girls painted their pumpkins while Travis whipped out the power tools to carve out jack-o-lantern. 
This kitties, especially Miss Poppy, was so incredibly curious about the pumpkin. It is her first Halloween so she was not sure about what was happening and watched Travis the whole time.
The girls worked hard on their pumpkins and did a fabulous job. 
My parents are in town for Miss S’s birthday so Travis and I snuck away to do some shopping alone which turned into date night with dinner out. You know you are getting older when shopping and dinner without kids turns into a date. lol
Halloween was a blast with our little Shimmer and Shine. It was a cold, cold day in WI so we ended up all bundled up but that didn’t stop the girls from going out and filling those buckets all the way! 
We went out with some friends and it was fun and a little crazy keeping them all wrangled. haha
And to round out the month, we put Miss S to bed for the last time as a three year old. 
I still can’t believe it! Like, for real, how is she four?! 
And that is our month in a nutshell. 
Not sure what our adventures of November will entail as the weather has already decided that winter is here, but we’ll see!

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