This, That, and Everything in Between- May Edition

It’s that time of the month for me to share a little recap of what has been happening in out world.
May wasn’t super exciting for us. We were super busy with small activities but nothing crazy and apparently I forgot to take pictures along the way. I think I need to start trying to do that a photo a day activity just to capture a moment of the day even if we aren’t really doing anything. 
But here is a quick recap of what did actually occur in May.
 Travis had a big training exercise on post for the first two weeks of the month.
He had to work super long hours, many nights not making it home for dinner, so when he would actually make it home and the sun was still up and the weather was warm, we tried to take advantage of the situation and have some fun.
The weather played games with us most of the month, a few gorgeous days then back to chilly, but when it was finally warm, these girls loved getting to wear dresses without pants again.

Our little town started the fun new trend of hiding and hunting for painted rocks around town so we took time out one weekend and painted up a large amount of rocks and then took a long walk and hid them in a few parks around town. 
Mother’s Day I was spoiled with sweet gifts that Miss P made at school and some gorgeous flowers from the whole family.
Then on actually Mother’s Day we got to just hang out as a family and have a little bit of fun. 
We went out to dinner and then stopped at a beautiful park next to a lake for a little play time.
This may seem stupid to most that I am sharing a photo of our plants but you don’t even know how excited I am for this little corner of color. 
The previous owner LOVED to garden, and had a ton of things planted around the whole property but most of the plants and bushes are just green and boring and it isn’t until mid summer that any flowers that do bloom, bloom. Well for a girl that loves flowers and color, all the green shrubs with no early spring color was killing me so I ripped out 5 ugly bushes that were planted in this area and planted the new hydrangea bush and 3 azaleas bushes to bring color to this side of the house that had zero color at all. And again… I am so freaking excited about this! lol
You guys, the basement project is very close to coming to an end. I have a few small things to complete then it can be put back together.
I wanted to share a sneak peak and what we’ve been working on so far. 
EEK! I love this space so much more now even though I only do laundry down there and it is a storage area. 
As I previously shared, we celebrated Miss P’s 5th birthday with her friends with an art party a few days before her actually birthday.
To say this one was excited to turn 5 on the 24th was an understatement! 
She had a fabulous birthday and loves being 5.
But guys… how is this girl 5 already?! Seriously?!
Wasn’t I just sharing my pregnancy and her monthly update posts here on the blog?
Man, kids seriously grow and change so much, so fast!
See, nothing super exciting going on in our life. 
We had some super busy nights/weeks with work functions for Travis, we tried to squeeze in a few family things before Travis was to leave all of June, and hung out with some of our friends a few times to just relax.
 We’ll see what June will have in store for us as the month goes on!


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