Thumbprint Trees Kids Can Make for the Fall

Hey everyone! 
It’s Molly from Just a Little Creativity back again this pretty October to share a fun project the kids love! I’ve made several of these little thumbprint trees over the years, and they’re always fun and unique. In fact, I shared one originally years ago on my blog that my kids and I created on canvas for Mother’s Day. 
My youngest was a preschooler then, and he enjoyed getting paint on his fingers, and his little thumbprints usually end up smudged, but precious anyway. 
And as the kids have gotten older, it’s fun to see how much more careful and precise they are with their designs. 

Today, I’m sharing how to make these trees in the colors of Autumn, and on a really cool palette board I found in the dollar section at Target. Which, btw, was actually $3 so I’m not sure why we still call it a Dollar section, do you? Anyway, back on track 🙂

A base (I’m using the palette) 
A variety of Fall colored craft paint (make sure you include brown for the trunk)
A paintbrush (I used a flat brush) 
First, paint the trunk of your tree and your branches. I promise this doesn’t have to be fancy or complicated. I prefer the swirly branches, you can do straight ones. I have found that the more sparse the branches are the better for all the little fingerprints that will be added. If you’re really not confident with a paint brush, then use a brown paint pen. But I encourage you to give the paintbrush a try. You can do it! 
Now is the fun part! 
Put a little paint in each color on a plate, and let the kids dip their thumb or finger into one color at a time, and dot all over the top of the tree. These are the leaves. Make sure they wipe their fingers between colors (keep a rag or baby wipes handy). 
Remember, you’re not necessarily going for perfect. Make sure you have fun! 
There is no right or wrong way to know how many leaves you want to add. We’ve made these so full, and have made them less. They look great either way. 
You can create these on really any type of material. Card stock for greeting cards, canvas, scrap wood, probably even on craft plates and cups with the correct materials. 
They make great grandparent gifts, or even a class gift for a teacher. Have each little one in the class take turns with several colors of leaves. Then, personalize at the bottom with the teacher’s name and school year. 
What would you use yours for? I’d love to know.
Thank you for letting me share, see you next month! 
 Molly is the blogger behind the blog Just a Little Creativity. Molly a mom of five- one girl, four boys ages 18-7 and has been married to her husband for 16 years. Molly loves to read and creates and sells hand painted custom art for children’s spaces at her Etsy Shop, MyArtsyBaby. In 2010,  Just a Little Creativity was born where she shares crafts, recipes, home decor, family stories, and product reviews. 
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