Toilet Paper Tube Owls

I have another item I created for Miss S’ party and I think, think, it is the last one.
I am not too sure and will have to go back to all my pictures and see if I missed something. 
I got creative with some toilet paper tubes and repurposed them into some super cute owls. 
 They are pretty simple so here is how to make some. 
 – Scrapbook paper
-Empty TP tubes
-Double Sided Tape
-Cupcake Liners
-Hot Glue Gun

Ignore the baker’s twine. I took this picture for another project and then changed gears to the owls. 
Begin by cutting the scrapbook paper the length of the toilet paper tubes. 
Using double sided tape, tape the paper onto the tube.
Stand the tube on one end and with your fingers, press down one side of the tube. Place a piece of double sided tape on it.
Then, fold down the other side of the tube and press it firmly on the tape.
I found it best to stick my finger or something inside the tube to make sure it stuck to the tape well.
Time to grab your cupcake liners.
You will use 2 liners per owl.
To create the ruffle feathers on the front of the owl, begin by folding the liner in half.
Then fold the liner in half again.
Using a pair of scissors, cut the tip off the liner where the liner’s bottom starts.
Next, cut the seams so you have 4 pieces.
Using hot glue or a strong glue, glue the ruffle feathers onto the front of the tube overlapping them. 
To create the wings, fold another liner in half.
You will then cut the liner in half, well really a little more than half, to create a triangle.
Then cut the seam to create two wings. 
Tape or glue the wings to the back of the owl.
Here is a view of the front with the ruffles and the wings attached.
 I cut out some circles in two different sizes to layer for the eyes then just used a black marker for the pupil.
Glue the eyes onto the owl.
I then just cut a small beak out of brown paper and glued it on as well.
Here is my little parliament of owls. (Did you know a group of owls is called a parliament?!)
Cute right?!
 For the party, I just slipped the open end of the tube onto a tree branch and that was it! 
They turned out super cute and I loved how they looked on the branches!!


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  • Jodie Fitz
    December 11, 2014 at 11:53 am

    I just love these – very adorable……I think this is on my winter plan to make with my daughter. Pinning :)…