Two Watercolored Flower Pots Tutorial

Hello everyone and Happy 2020!! Isn’t that a crazy number to see?! I can’t believe a whole decade has gone by and that we are this far into the 2000s already. But enough about that because today is WATERCOLOR WEDNESDAY!! YAY!!

This week I am expanding a little on the painting from two weeks ago and teaching you how to paint two smaller pots, one sitting slightly behind the other one.

It is a small painting so this too, can be completed in a very short amount of time which is nice when you feel like being creative but don’t have a lot of time to do it.

Here’s how to create this little 3×3 painting.


  • I use Canson watercolor paper and cut it into a small 3×3 square
  • Art Impressions Stamps: Flower Set 1, Foliage Set 1, Small Container Set, and Mini Flower Set (exact stamps I used are circled.)
  • Marvy LePlume II or TomBow Markers
  • Watercolor Brushes
  • Water
  • Pallet
  • Stamp Blocks

For this painting I used these colors in the Marvy LePlume II Markers: No 15 Olive Green, No 17 Steel Blue, No 101 Tropical, No 45 Sepia, No 8 Violet, No 86 African Violet, and No 43 Brilliant Yellow

To begin this painting, you will start by inking the slightly larger, more squared off pot with No. 45 Sepia.

Then press the stamp in the lower left side of the paper, below center and slightly to the left, to leave room for the second pot and blooms.

Next, using post-it tape or a post-it note, cover up the pot to mask it.

You will know take the second, more rounded pot, and also color it with No. 45 Sepia.

Press that stamp down where it is overlapping the first pot and is up higher so it looks like it is behind the first pot.

Remove the masking tape and there you have it. It looks like the second pot is sitting behind the first.

It is now time to drag the color out of the lines. Remember to always pinch your brush off to remove excess water from your brush. Do not cross over the lines, just touch them with the tips of your brush to drag the color into the white areas.

Next, paint your pots whatever color you’d like by applying the color to your pallet. I chose to have one a grayish tone so I mixed No. 45 Sepia and No 86 African Violet to get this gray. The second pot I used No 101 Tropical and then added a little of No. 86 African Violet to make certain areas darker. Remember to start light with watercolor and add more layers to darken.

Time to add the flowers! Take your post-it tape or a post-it note and mask off the second pot so the stems of your flowers do not go over the top of the pot.

I forgot to take a photo of just the flower bunch but you will ink the flowers in Brilliant Yellow and then the stems in Olive Green. Press the stamp a few times before reapplying the ink. I pressed the full stamp three times then only recolored the flowers and pressed those three times above the other flowers.

Peel off the tape and then apply water to the flowers and stems. Pull the water out of your brush and only dab at the flowers instead of doing brush strokes.

Ink the little daisy bunch with No 86 African Violet.

Press the daisy bunch about three or four times in a circular pattern before applying more ink. Repeat as many times as you’d like.

Apply water, again only dabbing at the flowers and leaving some white spots.

Next, ink the small leaves with the Olive Green.

Press the stamp near the bottom of the flowers in the first pot. Add as many or as little as you’d like then apply water again dabbing with your brush.

Time to add a little bit of grass below the pots. Ink the small grass stamp with the same Olive Green that was used on the leaves.

Press the grass stamp below the pots overlapping the pots. Walk the stamps down the paper a few times before reapplying the ink. Add as much or as little as you’d like.

Pinch the water off your brush and then apply the water to the grass by brushing up and out with the direction of the grass. Add some Olive Green to your pallet and paint a little more grass below the pots to fill in the area.

Take the small dot blooms and ink them with the Brilliant Yellow.

Press the yellow dots into the grass next to the second pot to make it look like some of the petals fell into the grass or the flowers were growing in the grass. Apply water by dabbing.

Apply the Steel Blue to your pallet and use it to paint in the sky around the pots. Try not to touch the pots or the flowers so the colors don’t run together.

Lastly, color the little flowers that look like hearts with the African Violet.

I think these flowers make the most perfect little butterflies so press them into the sky area to add a little touch of whimsy.

And that’s it!! Sign and date it and give it to a friend, keep it for yourself, turn it into a card, whatever! 🙂

Be sure to check out the step by step video below as it may help you answer any questions you may have.

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