Well it has been a very interesting couple of days, weeks since I wrote last. Everyone knows that there was a huge earthquake in Haiti and that they needed much help to recover. A day or two after the earthquake, Travis informed me that there was a great chance that his unit and a couple others from around here were going. After a few days of Travis being at work ALL day long and only home to sleep, he got the word on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day that he was leaving. He came in the house and woke me up to tell me he was leaving in 2 hrs. We didn’t get much of a goodbye or much notice at all for any of this but I shouldn’t have expected much since we didn’t have a lot of notice when he deployed to Iraq either.

Traivs left Monday the 18th to head down to Fort Bragg then on Tuesday he flew down to Haiti. Only four of them went down there to see how things looked and to organize for everyone else to come down. Everyone is slowly showing up. The LCU boats from here at Eustis are beginning to show up with all the equipment so Travis is very anxious to finally get started with what they went down there to do, which is help rebuild the port for supplies to come in easier.

Phone service isn’t great but we have gotten to talk a few times since he is down there. He has been super busy so we don’t get to talk long but I still love to hear my phone ring and know it is him. We don’t know how long he will be gone but I am hoping that it isn’t for more than 6 mths. I am doing well, just trying to adjust to him being gone and doing things alone again. It is always so strange the first couple of days and of course very lonely and boring! How I did this for 15 mths is beyond me! haha!

Travis is very excited about this mission and I am very proud he can go down there to help. But I just ask that everyone keeps Travis, his unit, the others from here going, and myself in your thoughts and prayers.

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