The vacation continues- First Full day

With the “gentle” prodding of my wife, I will continue the tale of our lovely vacation to Cabo San Lucas. It was about a month ago…so sorry.The first full day we of course wanted to hit the beach.

The day was gorgeous, clear and warm. The ocean, of course, had undercurrents of death, so we couldn’t get in the water. Which was disappointing, because I was looking forward to being beaten to a pulp by the gargantuan waves. Or learn to surf. Or both. Probably less surfing and more bruising.

We had zero food in the room, so we ate breakfast at the main pool. We decided to go traditional Mexican for breakfast, so I ate a beef burrito and Allison had a pulled pork BBQ sandwich. Like I said. Traditional.

View of some houses from one of the paths.

The path we hiked often to get to our room.

Pretty Peacock

Part of the Main Pool

We roamed the beach a little and took some pictures of sand and rocks and water. In our need to explore our new area, we decide to hit the skypool. Literally, the top of the mountain the resort is located on. If you walk from the beach to the skypool, including all the twists and turns of the cart path, you will walk a total of a kajillion miles. There is a base camp with sherpas waiting to carry your belongings to the top. It is best to make a stop halfway and set up camp. Watch out for the Yeti! The skypool is pretty cool, with an incredible view of the ocean. There is a hot tub and bar (of course), but it is pretty darn windy. We saw a whale blow some water way out, or so we think. Every little cresting wave is a whale as far as we could tell, so there must have been thousands, evenly spaced and swimming in the direction of the wind and current. Amazing creatures.

View of the resort from the beach.

Gorgeous Rocks on the beach.

View of the beach from the Skypool.

Anxious to explore the culture, we head downtown via cab. Oh, and to get food so we’re not spending bajillions of hard earned dollars on food at the resort. Cab fare wasn’t horrible. About $12 to get downtown. We roam around the hundreds of identical shops full of pottery, trinkets, silver jewelry, trinkets, blankets, trinkets, and….get this….Team Ponchos! Literally, ponchos with NFL, MLB, NBA, FOC, OIH, HOSDDSFSDG and more! I, of course, being a HUGE Denver Broncos fan (God help us), had to have it. So now I do. For like $30. It will actually be good for cold games I actually attend. We also bought some other small stuff, but mostly wandered. We paused by the marina for some daiquiris at Margaritaville, which were huge and excellent. While there, we were serenaded by a roaming mariachi band and tiny children peddling whistles. We didn’t need any whistles.

The Mariachi Band serenading us at Margaritaville.

With our Awesome Strawberry Daiquiris and the iron Mariachi Band at Margaritaville.

Travis in his Broncos Poncho

We grabbed another cab to the local Wal Mart (yes there is one). Interesting fact: Wal Mart in Spanish is “Wal Mart”. We bought wine and beer and other essentials. Some milk and cereal so we don’t have to eat burritos for breakfast.

That night we are sitting in the room, checking out the four channels, when I discover the parental controls button. Because I’m a curious man, I turned it on. Not that we needed some dirty programming, but I couldn’t figure out how to turn it back off. I even called down to the front desk. They said to just turn it off and turn it back on (isn’t that what you do for all electronic problems?) No dice. Hopefully we didn’t miss anything awesome on Telemundo.

Well, that’s if for the first day. More to follow when I am again chained to the desk by my lovely wife.

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