Vintage Truck Christmas Sign

Happy Tuesday everyone! 
Thanksgiving is only a few days away but I have another Christmas project for you today. It is easy and perfect to create if you have a long weekend this weekend. 
Before I get into today’s project, I just wanted to share just in case you missed it yesterday that I am looking for new members to join AGI’s Creative Team for 2018. If you are interested you can find out more information and apply here
 Ok, back to today’s project! 
 I love the vintage trucks with the trees in the back of them that have been popping up around Christmas the past few years and when I saw this metal truck I knew exactly what I wanted to do with it! 
Here’s how you can make your own! 
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-Metal truck (it is actually a wreath pick I found at Michaels! I just removed to metal stick that was attached to it!)
-Mini wreath or a piece of garland
-Wood or pallet
 Begin by removing the metal stick from the truck itself. 
Now, when Travis took it off, it chipped off some paint and left some tiny holes. 
I thought about painting over it to blend it in but then I thought a wreath would be even better! 
I literally cut a piece off my garland I use ever year and trimmed the needles shorter. Wrapped it into a circle and twisted the ends together. Tie with a ribbon and now you have a wreath! 
You can also buy a mini wreath in the tiny village pieces they have out around this time as well. 
Got glue the wreath to the front of the truck and that it. 
Holes? What holes?! 😉 
Using a high temp glue gun, this is key because when the glue hits the cold metal it will want to dry quickly, and glue the truck to the wood. 
Using Stickles, add snow around the tires of the truck and let dry.
I also added snow falling around the truck also using the Stickles
 And that’s it! 
Such a cute and fast project! 
Perfect addition on a shelf with bottle brush trees or any other small trees you may have!

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