Wallternatives Wall Decal Review

**This post is sponsored by Wallternatives but all opinions are 100% my own!**
We have a large tv that is big and dark.
 Above the tv was one of those last name photo collages made of pictures of letters found in architecture, my brother-in-law gave it to us for Christmas one year. 
 It is a black and white photo in a black frame so it just added to the darkness and I was READY for a change. 
 Insert a new line from Royal Design Studio Stencils called Wallternatives.
Here is a description of what Wallternatives straight from the source:
“Wallternatives™ ARE the artful alternative to ordinary walls. At Wallternatives™, our goal is to provide easily applied Pattern for the People™.
That’s you! And not just any old patterns! We want you to have your
choice of the most delightful pattern options, offered across a variety
of material options to suit every design demand and surface requirement.
We are committed to empowering you to create a home that is more
colorful, more fun, more expressive, and more designed around “you”
without investing a lot of time!”
Wallternatives come in many options and tons of colors to choose from as well:
– WallPrints™ Fabric Decals
-ChalkTalk™ Chalkboard Art
Designer Vinyl Decals
-WallAppeal™ Removable Wallpaper (COMING SOON)
EtchLook™ Decals to look like etched glass(COMING SOON)
 I had the opportunity to receive and review a Wallternative design before their launch. 
I was able to pick the design and the color of the design that I wanted. 

My decal arrived in two pieces on vinyl transfer sheets.
I placed my design on the wall and measured and marked where I wanted it.
I then rubbed the vinyl down while it still had the backing of the transfer tape on it. 
Rub it well, then rub some more! 
I then peeled off the whole backing gently. If any pieces of the vinyl do not stick to the transfer tape, carefully peel it off and press onto the transfer tape.
Then I went to get up on my step ladder to apply it to the wall and… BOOM!
The static from the tv and the static in the vinyl just magnetized towards each other and my vinyl got stuck to the tv! 
After trying not to have a complete and utter freak out, I asked Travis to help. 
I carefully peel off the design from the tv and laid it on the table but as you can see, some of it stuck to the tv… NO!! 
I carefully peeled them back off and found where they belonged on the transfer tape and placed them back down.
And then I was good to go for another try! 
This time I folded it in half- non sticky side to non sticky side of course- and lined up the top of the transfer tape with the marks I put on the wall.
I pressed down the top area, smoothing out any bubbles and holding the bottom section off the wall. 
Then, I gradually worked down the design pressing down and out. 
Now it is time to RUB, RUB, RUB that vinyl. 
When you think you have rubbed that vinyl enough, rub it a little more! 
Begin peeling off the tape from one corner and pull diagonally.
If any of the vinyl stays on the transfer tape, place the tape back down and rub that area some more.
I had a few areas that didn’t stick well, I believe it was due to our extremely textured walls, so I had to start to peel them off with my finger nail to get them onto the wall. 
If some areas still didn’t stick well after I completely peeled away the transfer tape, I just rubbed them with my finger to get them to fully stick.
Here is the complete frame on the wall. 
I then centered the “M” inside the frame and rubbed it well.
And it was complete!! 
I think it looks great above our television and I love that the whole area looks so much brighter as well!
Stop on by the Wallternatives website to check out all the super fun designs and options. 
If you are nervous about applying them, they have a great page on tips about how to apply them.


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  • Lindsay @Artsy-Fartsy Mama
    June 2, 2014 at 9:03 pm

    I love it!!! Looks so pretty!!

  • Lily Royals
    June 4, 2014 at 8:49 pm

    Our frame and monogram wall decals look great over your TV! Definitely brightens up the whole room. Thank you for featuring us- we really appreciate it over here at Wallternatives!

    • AllMich
      June 5, 2014 at 4:49 am

      Thanks so much for the sweet comment! I do love it so much more than the picture I had. Glad I got the opportunity to check out the new line! Thanks!

  • Patti Tucker
    June 5, 2014 at 1:00 pm

    You made this look so easy…pinned and stumbled!