Watercolor Wooden Arrow

Hi everyone! 
I hope that your September is going well. How is your weather? Still fall like here in WI. 
Have you decorated for fall yet? If not, it is just about time to do it! 
I have a super simple project for you today. 
I created this to add to my fall mantle and literally, it took like 5 minutes and is so easy! 
Here is how you can create one as well to match your decor or use it to decorate for fall as well. 
-Wooden arrow (got this one at Hobby Lobby)
-Watercolor Pencils
-Paint brush

 Begin by dipping the watercolor pencil directly into the water.
Then color the part of the arrow you want that color.
Continue dipping into the water whenever you need to. It will make the lead portion softer to keep coloring. 
Once it is complete colored, take a wet paint brush and brush the entire area to spread the paint evenly over the area you just colored.
 Dab the extra water and color off with a paper towel.
I just placed it on top and rubbed it with my hand and then removed it. 
For the tail of the feather I drew lines to give the feather details and then color washed the entire thing to match.
And that’s it!! 
So simple right?!
I painted mine in fall colors since it was being added to my fall mantle but you can color yours to match your everyday decor. 
Have fun with it! 
It made the perfect addition to my fall mantle!


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