What’s in my Handbag…

Hello everyone!
So, how is 2013 treating you so far?!
Good I hope! 
I shared this post over at the SNAP blog for their “What’s in My Handbag” series and I thought I would share my post here as well. 
So here is a little glimpse inside my handbag.

I don’t keep to many extra things in my bag just what I need.
Here’s what I keep in my bag:
1.) Some Kleenex
2.) Gum and breath mints
3.) A few stray coupons
4.) My car keys
5.) Green wallet that was a find at TJ Maxx a few years ago
6.) Small note pad and pens. (Never know when you may need to write something down.)
7.) Sunglasses in my Sunglass case from The Pleated Poppy    
8.) I always have a Nutri-grain Bar or Granola Bar in my purse. I’m the type that when I need to eat, I NEED to eat!   
9.) Small tote full of random items- pens, nail file, measuring tape, hair brush, mirror, and a small Gerber knife set.
10.) Then I have another small tote full of other items- Advil and Tylenol, “lady items,” band-aids, and for some reason, I have fabric swatches in this one too! lol
11.) And when I’m out and about- my phone hangs out in here as well.    
BTW- my purse is from Old Navy just in case anyone is wondering.


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