What’s in Your Handbag Series: Anna from Directions Not Included

Well hello there! I’m Anna from Directions Not Included.
I’m so excited to be here to share what is inside my handbag.

I love a good handbag. Actually, I’m a recovering handbag-addict. My addiction is under control now and I have two that are currently in rotation. Both of these are Marc Jacobs bags that I scored at ridiculous discounts. The tote-like one is what I use to haul my laptop around for work and the leather one is my weekend/every day bag.


Since I use two bags throughout the week (well, more actually if you count all my weekend clutches, etc) I need to contain my stuff in a way that is easy to move from handbag to handbag. This is my overview of what is almost ALWAYS in my bag. My iPhone, beautiful aqua wallet, my Stella & Dot makeup bag, and my super cheap purse organizer.

Handbag DirectionsNotIncluded

I have makeup issues. Okay, not really issues, but I love makeup and always have a full set of goodies on me. One of my besties sells Stella & Dot items so I keep all my fun stuff in a cute little bag from them. I could post for hours on makeup so I will refrain. These are just some of my every day essentials.

Handbag DirectionsNotIncluded2

While makeup means a ton to me. I don’t leave home without these two. Ever. My iPhone and my pretty wallet. I scored this wallet thanks to my mother-in-law’s gift cards for my birthday a few years ago. Sadly, my original version was stolen last year around Halloween. Thankfully, I was able to finally find the same one. Obviously, you can tell it is my favorite color since my phone case matches the wallet. I have problems.

Handbag DirectionsNotIncluded1

Now this is my lifesaver. I carry all sorts of stuff in my purse all the time. Business cards (both blog, consulting, and day job), essential oils (yes, I’m one of those), cables, hair ties, iPods, EpiPens, notebooks, etc. Carrying all of this loose in my handbag would be a mess. I found this cheap but practical organizer on Amazon and LOVE IT.

Handbag DirectionsNotIncluded3

I use the side pockets for all my small goodies, then use the central area for my home design notebook. It has my paint swatches, measurements, and fabric items with me at all times. I had this all scattered about for some time until Our Fifth House shared her secret.
Handbag DirectionsNotIncluded4Handbag DirectionsNotIncluded5Handbag DirectionsNotIncluded6

 I hope you find my handbag contents useful. Or maybe you cringe at how organized I can be!

 Thanks for having me, Allison!

Thanks for sharing your handbag Anna!!


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  • Heather{Our Life In a Click}
    April 20, 2014 at 3:17 pm

    You're super organized! I love it!

  • Anna [DirectionsNotIncluded]
    June 14, 2014 at 1:19 am

    Thanks, Heather!