What’s in Your Handbag Series: Ashley from My Craftily Ever After

Ashley from My Craftily Ever After is here today showing off her handbag. 
Take a peek inside! 
Hi, my name is Ashley and I blog over at My Craftily Ever After. I share a mix of things, but mostly recipes, crafts and home improvement projects. I am a stay at home mom to three little ones so everything I do has to fit into that schedule! I’d love it if you’d come over and follow along as I create my own fairy tale ending!
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When I first heard about Allison’s What’s in your Bag series I loved it! I love getting a glimpse inside other bloggers lives and there is no better way to learn something about someone than a quick glance in their purse! 
 I am a recent purse wearer. After 8+ years of hauling around kids and diaper bags I finally decided to take back my shoulder and start carrying something for myself! So, when my sister came to visit and she was carrying this amazing coral bag I knew that I needed it. Luckily she is pretty awesome and so she just let me have it, aren’t sisters the best! 🙂

my purse

Inside I am embarrassed to say was quite a mess! However, the lack of things I carry in a purse I think really speaks to the fact that I didn’t carry one for so many years! The only thing I noticed that was missing was my little notebook. I carry some sort of notebook with me all the time (I have one on my nightstand, one in my car and usually one in my purse) because my memory has gotten so bad as I’ve gotten older AND had more kids! 
what's in my purse
  1. Chapstick: I keep two different chapsticks in my purse always. One is for me to use (this one from Modern Masters is AMAZING) and one is for my girls to use. If they see my applying “lipstick” they will beg for some unrelentingly!
  2. Pens: These are necessary for writing down all the thoughts I have that I can’t forget.
  3. Keys: I am a minimalist when it comes to what I will put on my key ring. These are my daily keys and it is simply a front door key, a back door key and a car key. I made the key chain myself from one of my favorite wedding photos. When I worked I kept a separate key chain for each job! I hate bulky keys!
  4. Receipts: I keep all my receipts for tax purposes so they float around my purse until I finally move them into my file folder. This doesn’t happen as often as it should and if I were to someday get an accountant to do my taxes I am sure they would shake their head at me.
  5. Gum: because bad breath stinks.
  6. Toy: This toy is both the bane of my existence and a godsend. Both my girls LOVE it, which means it will take them from tantrum to docile in about 10 seconds, but it can also make them both crazy if they don’t share. I should really go get another from the dollar store, but I am lazy.
  7. Trash: This is an old Les Scwab popcorn bag and some candy wrappers from a couple of weeks ago when I woke up with a flat tire and took two little girls to get a new tire with me. This is also evidence of my laziness.
  8. Wallet: I love this wallet an absurd amount. It is a clearance Target find and it’s been my steady for over a year now. Normally I fall in and out of love with a wallet pretty quickly, but this one has had serious staying power!
my wallet
  1.  Health Insurance Cards: because with three kids you are always taking someone to the Dr. for something!
  2. Pockets for Gift Cards: if I couldn’t see them how could I spend them!
  3. Debit Cards and ID: Why I have so many debit cards is a long story…but at least they aren’t credit cards! We don’t have any of those! I also keep my business cards tucked behind these so they are always readily accessible.
  4. Coffee Punch Cards: I am fueled almost exclusively by caffeine!
  5. More Receipts: they are EVERYWHERE!!

Thanks so much for sharing Ashley!! 


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  • Daffy's Dream
    June 25, 2014 at 5:23 pm

    I really like this Handbag series. I make purse organiser and i love see how people organizer their bag.