What’s in Your Handbag Series: Carol & Randi from FrugElegance

Welcome the ladies of FrugElegance sharing their hangbags today! 
Hi! We are The FruGirls Carol & Randi from FrugElegance. We are thrilled to participate in this special series “What’s In Your Handbag?” hosted by Allison!
Coach Tote Bag

We love to shop & we are all about finding “Treasures”- high end items at a deep discount prices. We found these Totes at the Coach Outlet last year & are using them again this season.

Whats in Your Handbag Series: FrugElegance
 Carol’s handbag is always neat & organized. She has to be because she is juggling a job as a realtor, hubby, 2 sets of twin daughters (2 of which are now engaged &planning weddings..Wow!) and o- yes, blogging with Randi! 
Inside Carol’s handbag you can see: 
A Mini Tape Measure– Always ready to see if that treasure is the perfect size!, 
A Wallet,  
2 types of business cards,  
Antibacterial Wipe Packet,  
Bars for a snack,  
Tissue Packet with a “V” on it,
 a FrugElegance Pen 
3 Wristlets each holding Makeup, Favorite Store CouponsReceipts, etc.
Whats in Your Handbag Series: FrugElegance
 Randi’s handbag: is always messy & filled with “stuff”. Missing stuff, thanks to switching from a winter to summer bag: expired coupons, old receipts, loose coins, hair bands, altoids that fell out of its bag, small sunscreen, cellphone & even a tennis ball!
Items always in Randi’s handbag:  
Reading Glasses because they are making the print on labels much smaller than they used to!! 
Favorite Store Coupons,  
Crystal Light Packets,  
Wipe Packets,  
Tinted Lip Moisturizers,  
Bars or Nuts: hate to get hungry, that can lead to being HANGRY!! 
Small Book w Pen,
 Receipts: especially the ones for Target. Just in case something previously purchased is newly marked down on clearance for less than originally paid. Just buy it again on clearance & immediately after checking out, go straight to the customer service area to return that clearance item but use the receipt with the higher price paid!

Thanks for hosting Allison!

Thanks so much for sharing ladies! 


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