What’s in your Handbag Series- Danielle from Busy Mom’s Helper

Danielle from Busy Mom’s Helper is here today showing off her handbag. 
Hey y’all! I’m Danielle from over at Busy Mom’s Helper, and I’m so excited to share with you today!
 Okay, so maybe also a bit nervous since what I’m sharing is What’s In My Handbag! Could be a bit scary…. 
What's In Your Handbag / by Busy Mom's Helper #whatsinyourhandbag #personal


Honestly, I had no idea WHAT was in my handbag, so when I went to do this post I had a bit of a hesitation. Luckily, there weren’t any used tissues, millions of wrappers or other disgusting random things my kids tend to enjoy hiding in my bag. Since it’s so much more convenient than a garbage can, right? Ya, I didn’t think so either! 

 First, I love my handbag. My awesome Mom gave it to me for Christmas since the one I had was….well…not adequately sized to hold everything. At least not if I wanted to FIND anything ever again! She knows my style well… 
What's In Your Handbag / by Busy Mom's Helper #whatsinyourhandbag #personal 
So, without further ado….What’s In My Handbag?

What's In Your Handbag / by Busy Mom's Helper #whatsinyourhandbag #personal


I love that this bag is HUGE (not quite as large as my diaper bags were, but still plenty of room to hide a ridiculous amount of junk stuff). I was seriously (and happily) AMAZED at how organized it appeared. I swear I didn’t clean this out first…and swear this actually isn’t how it normally looks. Just caught myself on a good day, I suppose! 
What's In Your Handbag / by Busy Mom's Helper #whatsinyourhandbag #personal
So we’ve got:
  • Pink sparkly zebra checkbook with matching card/money wallet
  • Four pens, none of which ended up actually working
  • Face sunscreen stick, since the Texas heat and sun will KILL us just walking from school somedays
  • Little point-and-shoot camera
  • Mini bottles of meds: Tylenol, Ibuprofen (in the written-on white bottle) and Dramamine (my daughter’s stomach is terrible)
  • Softcubes Lip Gloss…..LOVE this stuff, by the way!
  • Tube of Lemon Pomegranate lip stuff from Bath & Body Works
  • Mary Kay lip gloss and lip stick….I can’t remember the last time I wore either of these 
    What's In Your Handbag / by Busy Mom's Helper #whatsinyourhandbag #personal
  • YES, that’s an Angry Piggy USB drive. I’d be jealous, too 😉
  • Contact drops
  • Tissues….a NECESSITY for my kiddos
  • Keys with random store cards on it, a light, and a beaded Turtle (because Turtles rock!) 
  • What's In Your Handbag / by Busy Mom's Helper #whatsinyourhandbag #personal
  •  And last, but certainly not least, mini Hand Sanitizer…..often a momma’s life saver!
What's In Your Handbag / by Busy Mom's Helper #whatsinyourhandbag #personal

Yup, that’s the mass of stuff I carry around all the time….usually plus a crumpled pile of receipts, emergency snacks and who-knows-what else! 
Thanks so much for sharing your handbag Danielle!! 


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