What’s in Your Handbag Series- Karly from Paisley Roots

Welcome Karly from Paisley Roots! 
She is sharing the contents of her handbag with you all today. 

Hey! I’m Karly from Paisley Roots and I’m here to show what I keep in my handbag.

I’ll start with my bag. It’s a Jo Totes Gracie that I won competing on Project Run and Play.
It’s a camera bag but it is soooo big!

I have 3 dividers at the bottom, as well as 2 inside zippered pockets on each side.
Then it has two pockets and a zipper pocket on the front and one open pocket with another small zip pocket inside that on the back.
TONS of space!

So down to the nitty gritty.
First up is my cameras.
I have my Nikon D3100 (not pictured cause I’m using it to take the pictures), my extra lense and battery charger. I also have my smaller Nikon CoolPix.

My Dayplanner, notepad, sketchpad, checkbook and phone holder that I don’t have a phone for. I have Hansons autographs as well as Alex Boye’s autograph on it.
Can’t leave out a writing utensil. Although, I think someone has found my stash cause I’m down to 1 pen….

And now that leaves us with personal.
I’ve got the sunscreen and Benadryl Gel, hair clamp, chapstick, makeup bag.
Then for Jude I have some diapers and wetwipes.

So that is what I keep in my handbag!
Thanks for having me Allison!

Thanks so much for sharing Karly! 
Love your bag! 🙂 


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