What’s in your Handbag Series: Laura from Pink Cake Plate

Welcome Laura from Pink Cake Plate today! 
Hey Y’All! 
Laura here from Pink Cake Plate. I share fun and easy recipes and crafts on my blog!! 
I am so happy to be here to show you some of the fun items you will find in my handbag!! 
Thank you so much Allison for inviting me to share a little of my chaos with your reader!!

 First, I have to tell you all I love HUGE handbags and they get filled up so quickly!! I recently purchased this darling navy blue bag at Down East Basics and I love it!! So many pockets!! I gotta have lots of pockets!!!
I had to pare it down a little and share with you just a few of my favorite finds in my handbag!! There is just too much stuff crammed in my purse this post would be five pages long!! 🙂 
Some things are just standard and found in most handbags, pens, pencils, breath mints, kid stuff, band aids and the like. Yes, you can find these things in my bag too sometimes even the kid stuff even though my grand babies live far away!!! LOL!!! 
So here are a few things that will ALWAYS be found in my handbag!!


1. Hairspray~I gotta have hairspray!! I have super fine fly away hair and absolutely hate when it gets messed up so I use A LOT of hairspray!!! 
 2. A yearly calendar~Even in this day of the e-world there is just something about handwriting things down for me!! This helps me so much not to forget important dates and events and I love to jot down notes for future blog posts!! 
 3. Business card case~I always try to keep my business cards in my handbag and this is nice to have to store cards I receive from others! 
 4. Disneyside Mirror Compact~This is my favorite SWAG item I received at a recent Blog Conference! 
 5. Power Charge~I always make sure to have some “canned power” with me in the event my phone battery dies and I cant charge it! 
6. Lens Cleaning Cloth~When you wear glasses this is a must!! My glasses get dirty a hundred times a day!! 
7. Sunscreen~nuf said I live in Arizona!! 
 8. Chocolate~gotta have a little chocolate and since I live in Arizona m&m’s are the perfect chocolate treat to tuck in your handbag!! 
9. Coin purse~ I love this little coin purse it carries change, paper currency, my drivers license and a few credit cards! It’s easy to just grab it out of my handbag and run into the store! 
10. Prescription Glassed~Gotta have these everything is a blurry mess without these bad boys!! 
So there it is just a “Glimpse Inside” my handbag!! 
Thank you so much Allison for letting me share a little bit of my crazy life with you all!!! 
If you have a chance you can find me at these local Social Media Hot Spots!! 
Thanks so much for sharing Laura!! 


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