What’s in your Handbag Series: Michelle from Delicate Construction

Howdy! Michelle from Delicate Construction is here today showing off her handbag. 
Take a peek inside! 
Hello all! 
I’m Michelle from Delicate Construction and I was lucky enough to meet Allison at SNAP! and I instantly thought she was awesome! I knew I would have to participate in this series but truthfully, I planned on prepping in advance. I wanted to pick up a new purse, organize things a bit, get some fun little additions to put in but, well, not one of those things happened. I have my same old bargain purse, but I tried to fancy her up a bit with my photo backdrop, what do you think?

whats in my handbag 

Yeah, I have not really gotten to that stage in my life where I invest in a really nice purse- hopefully soon. And by invest I mean, someone else buys it for me, like for a birthday or something because I could never justify it myself. I always end up at the craft store whenever I go shopping so instead of lots of shoes and accessories, I have washi tape and permanent markers.
But back to the hand bag, I was going to leave some of this stuff out but what is the fun in that? This is a true picture of the things, some random, that I have in my purse right now- arranged in a semi-organized manner for photographing. 

whats in your bag 
1. My camera charger for my DSLR. Do you ever have certain items that you only ever think of them being one spot? And if they are in any other location, they might as well be lost for ever? That happened with my camera charger, when I put it somewhere that wasn’t my purse, I lost it- and it is still gone. 
2. Quest bars are a great go to healthy choice to have in my bag in case starvation hits my daughter or me. 
 3. & 4. Tissues and Neosporin to go- I have a 4 year old, ‘nuf said. 
 5. A pile of assorted pens, markers and hot glue sticks because, well, I really don’t know why. They just multiply here I think, but I do know I commonly hide hot glue sticks around the house so if I ever run out, I don’t really run out. 
6. My wallet, which is actually able to close completely, which is totally rare because it is usually filled with receipts. 
7. This Mickey Mouse purse hanger for the stroller is along the same lines of the camera charger, I always kept it in my purse so I wouldn’t lose it. However, I don’t really use the stroller for Avery anymore but if it is kept anywhere else… well, you know. 
8. Keys 
9. Wrinkle releaser because after getting everyone else ready and out the door, I inevitably notice that the shirt I put on in the dark (or pulled from the dryer) needs so assistance. 
10. This is a business card holder that I use to organize guest passes to attractions around San Diego (like my extra zoo passes and aquarium passes and so on) and gift cards so that they don’t take up space in my wallet. It is also much easier to go through them to see exactly what I have this way.
 11. Hair chalk because you never know when you will have an emergency that calls for streaks of purple, blue, and pink. 
12. I always keep my mini flip video in my purse for when we are doing something that really needs to be capture, or when I think I am cool enough to be a vlogger, either one. 
 13. EOS lip balm; love this stuff, and it might make me feel fancy- maybe. 
14. Washi tape always has a place in my purse because if you are going to have tape on hand, it might as well be cute! 
15. A bow because it might be illegal to be seen outside of the house without one, we wouldn’t want to break the law now would we?! 
 16. And last but not least, scissors because they come in way to handy all of time time. I will give you that they don’t need to be this large, but apparently I needed to make a statement with these. 
So there you go! 
I hope you enjoyed all my random goodies and I would love for you to come on over to my neck of the internet and visit! 
I have been having a lot of fun with FROZEN crafts, wreaths and PVC pipe projects
Thanks Allison!

Awesome! Thanks Michelle for sharing!! 


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