What’s in Your Handbag Series- Rachel from Holy Craft

Rachel from Holy Craft is here today to share her handbag with all of you. 
Take it away Rachel! 
Hello Glimpse Inside readers!  My name is Rachel and you can find me over at Holy Craft, a home and family blog, written by me, a stay at home mom of three in the Seattle area.  
I love to share my tips and tricks for living well on less and creating and crafting on a budget.
Speaking of budgets, 
check out my spring purse.
I picked up this bad boy for $1 at a garage sale two years ago.
I have gotten so many compliments on it!
I think it was well worth the dollar.

You caught me just a few weeks after I switched my purses,
so lucky for me I’m not super embarrassed about the nastiness I would be sharing with you inside my purse.
Give me a few weeks and I will have far more trash, wrappers and unused coupons.

O.k. are you ready to take a peek inside?

1. I like to stash various store coupons inside my purse because I never know when I will find myself out at the mall or in the area of a store that I have a coupon for.
There is nothing worse {for me} than knowing that I have a coupon but not having it on me.
Grrrr…I hate that!
2. business card holder
{you never know when you will need them!}

3. I was on jury duty last week.  I had my favorite {o.k. one of my favorite} candy with me, cinnamon fire jolly ranchers.  I could suck on them and not make that same noisy smack that gum makes.
4. More coupons…these are Auntie Anne’s book coupons.  I love these!  My kids read a lot and what better incentive for a trip to the mall than a pretzel.
5. Sermon notes
6. bobby pins, not because I pack them because I need them, but because I stash them after I put them in my hair and they fall out driving me nuts after about 20 minutes. It happens every time.
7. my red bag with pens, lipstick and other goodies
{see middle picture below}
I even have a smaller wallet inside my red bag.
I was wondering where that one was.  It’s my travel wallet and I used it on a recent trip to Maui with my girlfriends.  Looks like it never made it’s way out of my purse.
8. my wallet
{see bottom right picture below}
I have far too many loyalty cards! I’m obviously not very loyal!
I bought this wallet at a garage sale for a dollar and am ready to replace it.
It’s just not working for me
9. swatches from my master bedroom re-do.
The dark swatch is from a couch we just purchased {for $25!!!} and the light swatch is from the headboard.
It’s a downward spiral when you decide to go from a queen bed to a king bed.
Everything needs replaced!
Here’s a closer look at my business cards, red wallet and my regular wallet.


There you have it!
A little glimpse inside my handbag.

Grab a cup of coffee {it’s what we do in Seattle} and head on over to my blog for a visit.

I would love to have you!

You can also find me on pinterest, instagram, facebook, and twitter.

Thanks for having me Allison!

Thanks so much for sharing your handbag Rachel!!


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