What’s in Your Handbag Series- Sarah from Bombshell Bling

This week’s What’s in Your Handbag post is a day early due to a post I already had scheduled for tomorrow. 
Sarah from Bombshell Bling is here today to show off her handbag with all of you.

Hello! I am so excited to be here as the first blogger to guest post in Allison’s new “What’s In Your Handbag?!” series! 
My name is Sarah and I blog over at Bombshell Bling. I am a former elementary school teacher with a love for all things sparkly and colorful. I blog about everything from recipes and parties to jewelry and kid crafts. I would love for you to pop over and say hello! 
What's in my Handbag
Prepare yourself, because my hang bag is a lot bigger and a lot messier than Allison’s. 
 I am a scattered, messy person, what can I say? I have an almost five year old boy and an almost two year old girl, so my “handbag” is actually a diaper bag. A JJ Cole diaper bag that my mother-in-law bought for me, to be more specific. I really like it because it is huge, has lots of pockets, and it is much cuter than my previous diaper bags. MIL did well, dontcha think? 

Well, let’s dive into my messy diaper bag. I’m not even going to show you all of the crumbs and trash that were in there. Ick…. 
A Glimpse Inside My Handbag-2
I had so much in my bag that I had to take it out in stages. 
Here is picture #1. It is all of the items from my outer pockets. 
In this pic are two ever-present items: my phone and my keys. Also discovered was the Frozen CD and a Come Unto Christ CD that I got for my assignment working with the teenage girls at my church. 
There are also two “babies” in this picture. When my son was little we had him weaned from his 24/7 pacifier sucking to just in the crib soothing, and when I would take him out of his crib I would pop his paci out and say, “You are not a baby!” He would always grin, and eventually he must have associated his pacifier and the word baby, because that became the family title forever more for pacifiers. I love my littles. 🙂 
Also spotted in this picture is my checkbook (yes, I still use checks occasionally), a knob that I was looking at for my daughter’s dresser that I painted recently, and a card that someone gave to me. 
Let’s take a closer look at that card….

A Glimpse Inside My Handbag-3
Look at that labels on those canisters. Heehee. It is like she knows me or something…. 😉 

A Glimpse Inside My Handbag-5
Round two! Let’s take a look at what I found in the main section of my diaper bag.  I told you there was a lot of junk in that bag! 
 Let’s play eye spy in this pic…… I spy crackers, raisins, a granola bar, Ice Breakers Sours Mints, and cough drops. I also spy a toy dragon, several toy cars, diapers and wipes, and my fun chevron wallet. Also spied is two pairs of sunglasses and mittens: a big and a small version of each. Last but not least, I spy a list of things that make me happy, which I made during a lesson at church and shoved into the bag and promptly forgot. 
Wanna get to know me a bit better? Here’s a closer look at the list.

A Glimpse Inside My Handbag-4
Yep, that’s a pretty great summary of me in a nutshell. 

On to the final picture!

A Glimpse Inside My Handbag-6
Round #3 consists of the items from my inner pockets. 

As you can see, that includes my kids’ health records, the card that I got from the drive I went to recently to sign up to be a bone marrow donor, some hand sanitizer and sunscreen, and some tampons (classy, I know….but realistic). 
In those pockets, I also found a couple of business card holders full of cards, another toy car, a card with The Articles of Faith from my church on it, and a variety of pain killers. I am a constant headache sufferer. Blech. 
Finally, I also found about a million pens and lipstick / lip glosses and an eyeliner, along with a mirror to help me put them on when I’m on the run. 
To keep my daughter primped and pretty I found a plastic bead necklace, comb, and a bag of tiny elastics. I got sick of her pulling her pigtails out in the car and then having funky hair, so I started carrying around extra elastics for fixer-upper situations. 
Whew. That’s a lot of stuff in one bag! 
 I probably should have taken this opportunity to whittle down some of that stuff and clean my bag when I took these pictures, but instead I shoved it all back into the bag. Haha. I have problems. Big ones. 🙂 
Thanks to Allison for having me today, and I would love for all of you to follow along with me on my blogging adventures! 
You can find me on Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, G+, and FB! Have a fantastic day! 
Thanks so much for sharing your handbag Sarah!! 


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