What’s in Your Handbag Series: Sarah from Printable Charm

Today, Sarah from Printable Charm is showing off her handbag.
I met Sarah at SNAPand she is a super fabulous lady! 🙂 I encouraged this girl to actually USE her instagram account and she was a picture taking machine then!
Charmed, I’m Sure… 
How do I know you and I would get along famously where we to grab a cup of tea or coffee together? Because we have Allison in common! 
Hi, I’m Sarah Bell, founder of PrintableCharm.com
I met Allison this spring at the SNAP conference while stuffing goodie bags. Talk about a bonding experience! We eventually (after stuffing 400 of the 500 bags) had our system humming. I endured about 400 squats before we figured it out, but who’s counting? 
 I am honored to give you lovely ladies a glimpse inside my handbag. 
I have to tell you…this is the first handbag I have purchased somewhere other than Target as an adult. Really! Even when all my friends were upgrading their purses, I stuck to my tried and true. But after a recent trip to New York City, I am a changed woman. 
As I was boarding my flight en route, I looked around at my fellow passengers and felt so out of place! Well, I was out of place. I hail from a tiny town in Louisiana. It’s not like I have never been to the city before, though. My husband and I traveled the world before we were parents. For this flight, however, I was dressed *ahem* comfortably. Not only were the other women on the flight mostly dressed in black, but they appeared to have it all together. My “one personal item” was overflowing with what I deemed necessary as I was packing. While the amount of just-in-case items I packed was admittedly excessive, it all seemed like a good idea at the time. And, really…what couldn’t I have purchased in NYC if I needed it?! I vowed to step it up for my next trek and purchased this gem of a bag from Coach. Not that a Target bag couldn’t do the same task, but I was looking for durability. I need a bag as hardworking as I would like to be!

 I like the fact that I can use the bag as a tote in addition to a handbag. 
Just last night I squirreled away lightweight jackets for my 5- and 8-year old sons in my bag with no problem…or sleeves sloppily hanging out. The boys always freeze when we eat in restaurants, then pull their arms in their shirts, stretch out their shirts, attract odd stares…I digress. 
For work I slip my lunch and water bottle in my bag and look chic toting one bag through the parking lot, down the hall, up the elevator and across another hall. Up hill both ways. In the snow. Ok. Not really, but it started sounding pitiful. Sometimes I tuck in files or my iPad when I’m out and about. I love those unexpected pockets of time to mark a “to-do” off my list. 
Here we go…follow me as I walk you through the deets: 
1. I ALWAYS have my Seaside Watercolor Planner. It is the ONLY way I am able to tackle the things that matter the most FIRST! My method is to simplify all the “have-to’s” and focus on my “want-to’s”. It is vital to pencil in fun. We’re talking easy 10 minute ideas to make everyday memorable. I use my iPhone, too, but I find I will not take the time to review my weekly activity on my phone the way I do in my paper planner. There is just something about the pen to paper that solidifies the task in my brain. And, this is a rather stylish planner if I do say so myself! 
2. For taking random notes and other information, I use a Rifle Paper Co. notebook (again, from Target) and my trusty LePen. 
3. I live in the south where the sun always shines. Sunglasses are a must. 
4. I’m all about options. My chewing habit is one example. Have you tried the new Peach Cobbler flavor? Mmmm. The taste of summer. Totally comes in handy when I am craving the real thing. Same for Lemon Square and Mint Chocolate Chip, but Spearmint is my flavor of choice for minty fresh breath. 
5. Another notebook, you ask? Yep. I reserve this Greenroom Metallic Dot notebook (yep, from Target!) for games of tic-tac-toe, dot-to-dot, and hangman with the boys if we’re waiting somewhere. 
6. CND Vinylux in Romantique. Almost always on my nails. I venture out with pedicures. Orangey pinks like Cajun Shrimp are my faves. I like Vinylux because it REALLY lasts an entire week without chipping. I prefer it over shellac polish because it is easily removed with regular polish remover. I can generally extend my mani to 10 days with a touch-up or two. 
7. For touch ups on the go, I love my Clinique lipsticks and lipliners. Glow Bronze and Rum Kiss are the colors I wear most often. Neutrally and Lipblush for liner. I’ve tried a few other brands, but since I began wearing make-up in 8th grade, I have used Clinique! 
8. I must wash my hands every hour! Having L’Occitane hand cream and Basin solid moisturizer in my arsenal is a must. 
9. My iPhone keeps me company during my daily commute. I am an avid Podcast subscriber. There are so many entertaining Podcasts! Two of my faves are This American Life and Betty in the Sky with a Suitcase. You should check Betty out…she is a flight attendant who chronicles her adventures in flight. I am sure the people passing me on the interstate get a kick out of me laughing in the car…alone. Pinterest and Instagram are the apps I use most. (Not while driving, of course! Why would you think that about me?) 
 Now that I have bared all, please introduce yourself to me! 
Drop me an email (Sarah@PrintableCharm.com) and tell me what keeps you organized. 
And…just because you’re Allison’s friends, you can snag yourself a free blog planner at www.PrintableCharm.com! Your choice of three designs. 
 Stay tuned this summer. I am excited to launch our store with tons of printable goodies. 
Thanks, Allison, for letting me share with your readers! 
It has been fun hanging out with y’all today. 
Thanks for sharing Sarah!! That is a fabulous bag.
 I am still one of those that hasn’t upgraded past Target. lol 


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