What’s in Your Handbag Series- Tauni from SNAP

 The fabulous Tauni from SNAP is here today to share her handbag with all of you.
Hi! My name is Tauni. I first met Allison several years ago when she attended one of my first events for creative bloggers. She’s a great friend and I am so happy to be visiting today!


Let’s start this visit with a little admission on my part… 
I have a problem. Really. I blame it on my friend Char. 
See, she used to share beautiful links to handbags and shoes with me on a regular basis and more than once I clicked. More than once I bought… 
Now I don’t even wait for the link. I am constantly looking for amazing shoes and handbags All. THE. TIME. 
Interestingly enough, my favorite bag is one that I didn’t pick out or purchase. It’s a Michael Kors bag (sort of like this one) that my friend Steph, a self-proclaimed anti-shopper picked out for me last year… 
Michael Kors handbag


Oh how I wish you could see her in all of her glory, rather than in my slightly shoddy photograph. She’s a beauty. The best part? This bag could rival Mary Poppins carpet bag for all the amazing it can hold. 
No lie. People (namely my boys) love going to the movies with me, due to the number of treats they can smuggle in in my handbag. 
Here are a few of the things I cart around with me every day…


Let’s start in the top left. 
I don’t care who you are, can you live without some sort of wet wipe in your bag? They’re great for messy faces, grubby hands and the food you just spilled on your clean clothes.
 Based on my photos you’d think I only buy if it’s green. Not true, but I do love this little green Hobo wallet. It holds everything and the leather is sooo super-soft. 
I live in Utah. Can we say dry? I can’t go anywhere without my favorite lotion. 
Hand sanitizer. Does this really need an explanation? 
I always have a notebook on me…It’s for all of the billion dollar ideas I am sure will come to fruition some day. I bought this green one on clearance from Target. 
 I can’t leave the house without my favorite Le Pen.
 iPhone charger, purchased specifically for my bag. Mainly because my phone is ALWAYS dead. 
Washi tape. Don’t ask. 
 Gum. Fresh breath and all that. 
Sewing kit. Apparently I don’t just spill on myself (see wipes), but I also have issues with tearing my clothes. I pick up mini sewing kits whenever I can find them. I found this little set in a dollar bin and grabbed at least three. 
Gift cards. I seem to have a collection (this is just a few). I don’t know how I collected all of them, but I never seem to remember that I have them. 
Missing from the photo? The 999 rumpled receipts and 25 tubes of chapstick that are always in the bottom of my bag. 
There you have it. I can’t say that it’s uber interesting, but it’s what’s in my bag.
 Looking for more bag envy? I ran a similar series a couple of year’s ago over on my blog. Go check it out
Thanks so much for sharing Tauni!! 


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