Wood Initials Nursery Art

I wanted to put Miss S’ initials above her crib like I did for Miss P but I didn’t want them to look the same. 
I’ve seen these wood initials on Etsy, on a few of those Deal a Day sites, and a few other places but I wasn’t too keen on the fonts used. They were either WAYYYY to frilly that you could barely read the letters, or way to straight, modern, and boyish looking.
So, I decided to design my own! 
Here it is.
This is a farely easy project as well. 
Here is how it was created. 
-Large piece of wood. This was a sheet of plywood with a veneer on it. I would recommend using a thin sheet of MDF and you will see why in a few.
-Letters to use as a stencil. I cut these out using my Silhouette machine in the font that I liked best.
-Yard stick (optional)
-Jig Saw

 Begin by cutting out your letters in the font you like.
I cut the S and R a little smaller than the M like a traditional monogram.
I placed them on the wood touching each other so it would be one large piece when cut instead of three separate letters.
   Using a pencil, carefully trace each letter.
 I wanted a border around my letters so using a yard stick, I created an inch sized border on the outside.
Make the border touch the letters so this too is one large piece.
I then put x’s everywhere that would be cut away with the jig saw so not to be confused.
 At this point, I handed this off to Travis to let him cut it out with his jig saw but you could definitely do it yourself if you are handy. 
 He wasn’t too keen on the size of the letters because they shook really bad when cutting them so you may want to use a slightly thicker font. 
 And here is why I would say to use a thin MDF board.
The veneer kept chipping off by the jig saw which created a little more work in the end.
  I used wood putty to fill in any of the chips in the veneer.
 Then used a sander to make it smooth.
 I cleaned off the wood and then got my paint on. 
I painted the letters a solid purple and chose to use a bright pink on the border which is already in the room on some frames.
  I didn’t want to leave the border plain so I used some gray and green paint, both of which are in her room already as well, to create some polka dots.
I used the end of a paint brush to create the small gray dots and then used a small foam circle, stencil brush to create the larger dots.
  Once the paint was dry, I gave it a coat of Mod Podge.
 I hung it above her crib using 3M Picture Hanging Strips.
 I absolutely love how it came out and how it looks on her plank wall. 
 I sure hope she likes it too! 


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  • Lindy
    February 4, 2014 at 3:26 pm

    That is absolutely gorgeous!!! I'm sure she LOVES it!