Yarn Ice Cream Cones

Even though her birthday was a month ago, I still have some fun party decoration ideas to share from Miss P’s birthday party. 
Here is another ice cream cone idea. 
 They are so easy! Again, I have definitely been all about the easy, fast projects lately, and they were a fun addition to the party! 
Here is how to make them.
– Ice Cream Cones
-Yarn in your color choices
-2 1/2 in. Styrofoam balls
-Small Wooden Balls/Beads
-Red Acrylic Paint
-Green Floral Wire
-Low Temp Hot Glue Gun

 Begin by painting the balls/beads red and let dry.
For the ice cream, start by placing a dab of glue on the Styrofoam ball and place the end of the yarn on the glue.
Wrap the ball with the yarn working your way around the ball changing directions to make sure the full ball was covered.
Continue wrapping the ball until the whole ball is covered and you can’t see any more of the white coming through.
Once dry, glue the “cherry” on top of the ice cream.
Then, place hot glue all along the inside rim of the cone to hold the ball. 
Place ice cream ball inside the cone and gently press down to make sure it sticks to the glue.
Take the green floral wire and cut off small pieces using wire cutters.
Then glue the stem to the cherry.
I made 2 single scoop cones in different colors of the party.
I strung the 6 cones together by threading a piece of white yarn through the yarn of the ice cream to make a garland to hang on the shutters. 
I also made 6 double scoop ice cream cones as well. 
And scattered those on the tables around the party.
I love how they came out and Miss P kept going up to them and making noises like she was eating them and saying Yum! lol 
Glad she enjoyed them too!!


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  • Britni Vigil
    June 26, 2014 at 2:59 am

    So cute Allison! P.S. let me know if you ever need more people for your what's in your handbag series. So fun!